5 Quick Ways to Conquer Twitter Marketing

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With more than 284 million active users per month and over 500 million tweets per day, QS research shows over 10% of prospective students under the age of 21 use Twitter specifically to research universities. More widely speaking, in Europe and North America, 20% consider social media to be very important or essential in researching higher educating options; in Latin America, Africa and Asia it is over 40%.

How can you capitalise on twitter marketing? Here are some best practices and resources to help you achieve the results you want:

  • It is good to retweet other people’s content when it is relevant to your organization and target demographic. However, don’t be a parrot and only repeat what others have already said. Be as active as possible and try to have an equal spread of original tweets and retweets.
  • Newly introduced Twitter Cards, Twitter provides data which allows you to track how these perform.
  • BuzzSumo can help you to identify the types of content that perform well by industry or competitor.
  • Tweriod analyses when your followers are most active, providing data on the best time to tweet in order to maximise engagement.
  • Another useful trick is to connect with other institutions and organizations, from which you will mutually benefit. It sounds basic but make sure you use @[name] rather than hashtags to avoid getting lost in a sea of tweets (as well as looking unsavvy).


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