Advanced Profile: Simple Solution to Digital Student Recruitment

Advanced profiles do all the ‘hard work’ for institutions in higher education when it comes to attracting prospects. 

The majority of students are now using online platforms to compare universities and business schools. Whether this is through rankings or comparison sites, it is becoming increasingly important to promote your institution digitally and making the most of all opportunities to do so. So, how can an advanced profile help achieve this?

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It may be of interest to you, that you can utilize QS’ advanced profiles for your universities’ benefit.

Leverage our extensive database and take a look at all of our features in full.


What is an Advanced Profile?

Sometimes referred to as a featured profile, advanced profiles provide a simple, yet effective, digital solution for institutions in higher education to showcase their appealability. These profiles provide universities, and business schools alike, with a significant advantage over their competitors when prospects are looking for a solution over their next study destination. They present a host of statistical information and additional features compared to institutions without.

QS’ Advanced Profiles for business schools provide an additional 24 features compared to a standard profile and 20 additional features for universities. Our extensive research, into what formulates a desirable profile to attract prospectives, has led to the most sophisticated example of ‘featured’ or ‘Advanced’ profiles on the market.

QS’ Advanced Profile Feature Examples 

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Find out how an Advanced Profile on TopMBA/QSLEAP can put key information in front of MBA/EMBA prospects actively looking to enroll.

TopMBA Advanced Profile

How are they beneficial to your institution?

Advanced profiles provide a perfect opportunity to gain leverage from data you may not previously have had access to. You will receive all candidate data from your interested prospects.

This could include their programs of interest, shortlisted schools and predicted test scores to name a few. They also provide basic contact information, giving you a stepping stone for initial engagement.  This can really help to generate greater exposure for your institution. As alluded to in our title, advanced profiles really do manage all the hard work, related to finding the right prospects, on your behalf.

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