Emerging Markets Overview: Bangladesh, Pakistan & Turkey

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BangladeshOur latest report explores the motivations of international students from emerging markets for student recruitment, looking at how they differ from more established, traditional recruitment regions. Three of the most interesting countries in the survey are Bangladesh, Pakistan and Turkey, the students of which often make surprising choices when it comes to higher education.

For a more in-depth view of these countries, download the full report. We’ve summarised some of the most significant findings below:

Bangladesh & Pakistan

PakistanBangladesh and Pakistan differ from neighbouring India – one of the world’s top international student exporters –in a number of ways. Students from these countries prioritise differently to their Indian peers, and they’re looking for different qualities in a university.

  • Bangladeshi and Pakistani international students are much more likely to cite furthering their education as their major motivator for studying at a postgraduate level, rather than career progression, which is the leasing motivation for Indian students. This trend is particularly notable in Bangladesh.
  • Students from these countries are less likely to want to stay and work in their chosen study destination than those from India. Some 37% in India choose a location partly based on post-study work opportunities, compared to just 9% in Bangladesh and 12% in Pakistan.
  • They favour Germany and Australia above the US and the UK, in contrast to the majority of nations. Australia was chosen as a preferred destination by almost half of those in Pakistan.
  • A majority of students in Bangladesh and Pakistan relate their choice of study destination to the availability of financial aid.
  • In India, subject reputation tops the list of reasons to choose a university. In Pakistan and Bangladesh this is less of a priority, with overall reputation the most-cited criteria.


TurkeyInternational students from Turkey at times correspond with overall trends from across the Middle East, while at other times aligning more closely with their peers in Europe:

  • Turkish applicants’ motivations for pursuing a master’s degree are similar to the Asia-Pacific, African and Middle Eastern regions, but in regard to selecting a particular institution they most closely resemble the European trends.
  • Master’s applicants from Turkey stand out in being particularly likely to prioritise employability when choosing an institution.
  • They’re less likely than their European counterparts to be motivated by generally improving their employment prospects, and more focused on progressing in an existing career.
  • A significantly high proportion of survey respondents from Turkey are interested in PhD programmes.
  • Turkish students place a stronger emphasis on financial aid than Europeans.
  • However, they’re on a par with the European trend in the high emphasis they place on cultural interest and lifestyle.
  • International recognition of qualifications is their leading reason for choosing a study destination.

Download the full report here to find out more about international students from emerging markets.

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