Student Engagement and Retention Services

Improve your student experience and outcomes with our engagement service.  

Provide targeted support where it’s most needed

Thousands of students withdraw from their studies in the first year without ever reaching out for help. This results in a loss of tuition fees in the millions for institutions. 

Leveraging our sophisticated machine learning models, we use your institution’s historic withdrawal data to flag when students exhibit disengaged behaviors. As an extension of your team, QS advisors then personally connect with students to provide them with the support they need.

Key features of our Student Engagement & Retention Services

Live reporting

Receive up-to-date picture of your students’ engagement behaviour through a live dashboard.

Segment your data by market, faculty or study level for insight into your prospects’ intentions and engagement with your institution.

Seamless integration

We add scale to your teams and technology so they are free to take on other projects.

As an extension of your teams, we help reduce the backlog of enquiries, applicants and offers, and improves the level of service provided.

Cutting-edge technology

We invest in the latest technology and systems purposely built for student retention.

Our teams leverage in-house machine learning models to identify and prioritise 1-1 conversion activity with disengaged students.

Expert support

We have 25 years’ experience as trusted student recruitment and retention partners.

Our specialist teams include in-house CRM managers, developers and consultants, to help your institution overcome any challenge.

Key features of Student Engagement & Retention Services

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Prioritised engagement 

Students can disengage at any time. So, we use our machine learning models throughout the academic year to identify students that need prioirtised one-to-one engagement.

Proactive engagement  

Ideally we don’t want your students to become at risk. So, we still send communications to those students wo don’t show signs of disengagement. Mass SMS and emails will be sent to ensure they are aware of the support in case they need it. 

Rapid response time 

We respond within 24 hours to any trigger – whether we receive an at risk alert or incoming enquiry. Our advisors will present themselves as staff from your university and provide personalised communications. 

Bespoke resource built for you 

With QS advisors across six global locations, we have the flexibility to set up resource where you need support. For example, in your country or in your target students’ region.  

student recruitment in China

What do our institutional partners think?


How can the QS team represent my university when they don’t work for us?

Our team is an extension of yours. 

We work with you to develop a bespoke onboarding schedule for all QS staff involved in our partnership that enables to absorb your institutional DNA, perfectly align with your brand and emulate your tone of voice. Building on the experience of dozens of large-scale partnerships, we ensure our professional student advisors know every pertinent detail about your university, location and support services so we can support your students. All the communications we send are university branded and when your students speak to QS advisors they will be speaking to a true extension of your university teams.  

How does your service integrate with our teams and systems?

Almost all our university partners already have a CRM system and teams who are delivering activities to convert and enrol students. Our services our designed to complement and enhance your existing systems and activities. Many of our university partners have integrated their CRM with ours (we will work with your IT teams to achieve this). We also provide access to our CRM system so you can view the details of your prospects at any time. Some university partners ask us to support them with particular cohorts, e.g. courses, countries or regions, and some all their students. We can adapt our services to meet your needs and as part of our onboarding process we will make sure our activities align and complement yours, with regular reporting and feedback to maximize the results. 

What is machine learning?

QS machine learning is a powerful AI-assisted technology for student recruitment and retention. We have developed this technology over the last four years with our university partners. It uses insights and data to help identify which students are at risk. Universities and QS can then focus efforts on these individuals to improve their student experience and help them continue with their studies.

How much does your services cost?

Every partnership we forge is unique, meeting the exact needs of each university. Because of this, the cost of the service varies greatly dependent on many factors, such as scale of the service, timeframes, geographical locations and technology deployed. We offer 12 month proof-of-concept pilots, which are popular with our university partners as they provide an opportunity to test our services and show university stakeholders the impact before a longer-term partnership is develops.  

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