Global Trends in Students’ Social Media Usage

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Ok, so we all know that social media usage is massive and continues to rise with the never ending new apps, companies and social channels being launched to market monthly… But did you know that student’s in every region of the world use five major social networks all the time?

I’m guessing not, but in 2014, released a research report entitled ‘Students’ Online Usage: Global Market Trends’ which resulted from a survey they conducted of students and prospective students around the world. The report outlines trends in student internet, device and social media usage use across different age groups and regions.

Facebook Usage by Region Graph

Facebook Usage by Region Graph 2014

I chose the above image as an example, as it shows the percentage in each region of a student’s who said they use Facebook all the time… See how high these figures are? Incredible.

For similar statistics in relation to Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, download the full report here.

Other key social media insights I took from this report included:

  • YouTube seems to be the most popular social network in Asia, Europe, and the US & Canada

  • Respondents in Africa generally reported lower social media usage – with the exception of Facebook

  • Respondents in Latin America reported the highest usage across nearly all networks (just beaten on Pinterest by the US & Canada)

  • There are clear differences in social media usage, depending on age

From these stats, my questions to you are:

  1. Are you using the correct social channels to reach your target audiences of existing and potential students?
  2. Do you know how they are consuming information, by what means and when?

If you don’t know the answers and would like more information or to discuss any of these stats with one of our experts, feel free to contact us.

We’d love to hear from you.

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