Higher Education World – June 2016: Foreword

This edition of Higher Education World is by far the largest we have produced – an indication of the enhanced level of QS publications and events over the last month.

The four regional rankings – for universities in the Arab region, Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America – always excite interest. They provide opportunities for universities that are yet to feature in world rankings to shine internationally, as well as reflecting the priorities of each region. We examine the results from all four separately.

Another well-established exercise, which has had a lower profile in previous years, is QS’s comparison of the higher education systems of whole nations. Martin Ince looks at the 2016 System Strength evaluation to see whether the success of top universities is a guide to overall national performance.

We report on an event which brought scores of experts to London: the inaugural EduData Summit organised by QS. Three days of highly topical discussion on rankings and the use of data by universities allowed academics and administrators from all over the world to share their experiences.

Finally, we encourage all of our readers improving educational outcomes and/or student employability to enter the third annual Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education competition. Applications can be made in 14 different categories, encouraging innovation across the educational spectrum. The overall winner will be rewarded with US$50,000 in funding, global visbility for their project, and the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of the higher education world. For more information, visit www.reimagine-education.com.

Written by John O’Leary
Executive Member of the QS Advisory Board

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