How International Student Recruitment Events are Evolving Virtually

The future of international student recruitment has shifted significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak, with institutions and students moving into virtual spaces to connect and communicate.  

International student recruitment has been changed drastically by the coronavirus crisis, but institutions and their partners have quickly met this challenge with new innovations and solutions.  

Virtual student recruitment events and platforms are now empowering institutions to meet and connect with prospective international students across the globe. 

From one-to-one meetings to large student recruitment fairs with dedicated rooms for each institution and a multitude of virtual meeting rooms, there are a number of innovative methods and tools that institutions can use to meet their recruitment goals.  

Before the COVID-19 crisis, QS organized 350 student recruitment events each year, across 60 countries. Its events connected more than 660 universities and business schools with 63,000 ambitious students. 

Once in-person events were rendered impossible by the pandemic, QS quickly shifted its events to virtual spaces, changing from in-person fairs to developing a similar experience online within a matter of weeks. 

In May, QS ran its largest virtual event with 70 schools, boasting 750 students in 70 Zoom meetings over a couple of hours. 

QS was recently recognized for these efforts in the 2020 Zoomtopia Innovation Awards, winning the Evolution of Business category for its events innovation during the COVID-19 crisis. 

By connecting its in-house bespoke system to Zoom, QS was able to track all connections, make sure that all event rotations were done at the right time, and that the schedule runs smoothly.  

It also allows institutions to log on to meetings with a single sign-on, ensuring ease of use and giving meeting control to institutions. 

Institutions can promote informative videos and packages in the student lobby, where prospective international students can speak to QS staff, book meetings, attend panel events, and learn more about a range of institutions.  

Institutions can host group meetings or one-to-one meetings via Zoom virtual rooms, seamlessly switching between event spaces with their single sign-on.  

Virtual student recruitment events aren’t simply virtual meetings, they are complex virtual environments with a diverse range of engagement tools and spaces.  

For institutions that are interested in boosting their international student recruitment during these uncertain times, please speak to the QS Digital and Events team to discuss your best approach.  


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