How Language Learning Can Improve Your Institution’s Graduate Employability

What role does language learning play in global higher education? And how can it impact your institution’s long-term graduate employability performance?  

In today’s globalized world, interculturality, internationalization, and intercomprehension have created a clear demand for fluency in a diverse range of languages. 

To address this demand, global higher education is examining language learning and the critical role it plays in educational delivery and policy.  

As globalization grows, language learning and the ability to speak multiple languages will become increasingly important, giving graduates clear competitive edge over others entering a competitive job market.  

Many global organizations need employees who can work in culturally diverse environments and possess strong skills in foreign languages.  

Robert Friedman, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University, explains: “The more familiar one is with languages, the easier it is to understand the cultural contexts that shape the information, ideas, beliefs and customs that one encounters when interacting with people throughout the world.”  

“Corporations continue to expand their markets beyond borders, so advanced language skills are valuable in sales, marketing, supply chain management, or any position that supports the sustainability of a commercial operation.” 

Language learning has been linked to improved cognitive functions, problem solving, and creativity.  

Additionally, language skills could improve not only a graduate’s employability but the level of pay that they can demand, with the coveted skills giving them more negotiation power when discussing salary.  

To improve graduate employability and salary outcomes, institutions can play a pivotal part by developing long-term language learning policies and investing in their institution’s language learning offering.  

To learn more about language learning across the global higher education space, please register for the QS Subject Focus Summit 2020 virtual event: Languages and Migration in a Globalized World. 

Note: Delegates with full access tickets will be able to revisit the event’s content on demand for one month after the event. 

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