How the Coronavirus is Shaping University Admissions for the Upcoming Academic Year

coronavirus university admissions

Discover when prospective international students predict they’ll start their studies with the latest findings from our ongoing coronavirus survey.  

While COVID-19 has significantly impacted the higher education sector in recent months, some promising insights have emerged from the QS coronavirus survey of prospective international students.  

Our latest white paper, The Outlook for University Admissions: The Impact of COVID-19, has revealed that 42% of prospective international students surveyed would ideally like to start their studies in 2020 and 40% would like to start in 2021. 

Furthermore, of those respondents who said they wanted to start their studies in 2020, the vast majority (62%) expect that they will commence their course in 2020.  

This demonstrates that prospective international students are still determined to study overseas in the upcoming academic year, despite the upheaval and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus crisis.  

Institutions must be proactive in their student recruitment strategies to ensure they can meet this need and address students’ concerns. 

As such, communication should be clear and consistent, providing regular updates on the university’s approach to the crisis, how it will transition back into face-to-face teaching, and what this means for students.  

Another finding that emerged from recent QS research is that prospective international students are willing to start their studies online in the upcoming academic year, and this willingness increases when a set time period is applied. 

According to the white paper, 75% of respondents would be willing to start studying online if they knew it would only be for a maximum of three months. 

To discover more insights, including which countries are handling the coronavirus crisis the best according to prospective international students, download the white paper now: The Outlook for University Admissions: The Impact of COVID-19.  

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