IREG Conference 2014: The Corporate Perspective on The Employability of Graduates

The meeting presentation started off by citing the McKinsey report of Education which can be accessed via the link below:

The recent AGR graduate vacancy data identified graduate vacancy growth areas in the UK are:

  • IT/Telecoms 40%
  • Public sector 22%
  • Energy 18%
  • Banking/ Financial services 16%
  • Accounting/ Professional Services 12%
  • Engineering 9%
  • Investment Banking & Law still flat

However, there are various factors that feed into the shortfall of quality graduates. These include poor perceptions of the market, weak applications (lack of research and candidates using a sloppy approach), skills shortage e.g. electrical engineers and a lack of “work ready skills” . In addition,candidates exhibit lack flexibility and resilience.

The AGR evidenced that 75% of UK recruiters don’t care about what degree you studied but more interested in your skills. So what are the employer needs and what competencies do they seek?

  • An ability to work collaboratively with teams of people from a range of backgrounds and countries
  • Excellent communication skills: both speaking and listening
  • A high degree of drive and resilience
  • An ability to embrace multiple perspectives and challenge thinking
  • A capacity to develop new skills and behaviours according to the role requirements
  • A high degree of self-awareness
  • An ability to negotiate and influence clients across the globe from different cultures
  • An ability to form professional global networks
  • An openness to and respect a range of perspectives from around from the world
  • Multi-cultural learning agility (e.g. able to learn in any culture or environment)
  • Multilingual
  • Knowledge of foreign economies and own industry area overseas
  • An understanding of one’s position and role within a global context or economy
  • A willingness to play an active role in society at a local, national and international level.

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