Analytics and Advisory Solutions for Student Recruitment

Master your international student journey. Introducing our new QS Analytics and Advisory service for student recruitment.

Data-led recruitment partner to institutions for over 30 years

1 billion

Datapoints held across QS

On university performance across the series of strategic dimensions outlined

62 million

Student visitors

For whom QS builds a demand profile on each year through our digital platforms

100 Thousand

Student Enrolments

Enabling us to curate end-to-end recruitment insights, unrivalled by any other third-party data source for HE

2.5 Thousand


On which we hold data on reputation, global engagement, research, recruitment, employability and sustainability

We understand your Strategic Challenges

Daily struggles complicated by outdated data and unreliable insight

Volume growth​

Struggling to increase the number of student applications and enrolments year-over-year due to heightened competition and demographic shifts.

Enrolment predictability​

Difficulty in accurately forecasting student enrolment numbers, leading to challenges in resource planning and financial projections.

Pricing strategy

Finding the right balance between tuition fees and the perceived value of education to attract students while maintaining financial viability.

Revenue diversification

Reliance on tuition fees as the primary income source, with a need to explore alternative revenue streams like partnerships, research funding, and alumni donations.

Student and market diversification

Dependence on a limited demographic or geographical market, necessitating efforts to attract a more diverse student body to enhance cultural richness and reduce market risks.

Financial stability

Managing financial resources effectively amidst fluctuating enrolments and external economic pressures to ensure long-term institutional sustainability.

Ways we intend to solve

Identify recruitment opportunities

We collaborate closely with your institution’s leaders to help you assess opportunities and risks, and set a recruitment path. QS award-winning machine learning models help you understand where the market is heading.

Activate market plans

Our expertise in the UK education sector is unparalleled. We harness this knowledge to provide actionable advice, helping your institution design and execute recruitment strategy in response to student and network voices.

Monitor performance

Our partnership allows you to track and manage your institution’s performance, measuring return on investment and year-on-year impact.

Agile decision-making

Working in collaboration with your teams, we help you measure ROI and impact, and decide where to direct resources.

Access to cutting-edge analytics

Your teams benefit from round-the-clock access to our advanced student recruitment analytics platform. This tool has been developed in conjunction with a select group of the UK’s leading universities.

Expert support

Our specialists work alongside your team, offering a fresh perspective to diagnose recruitment issues and outline clear steps to achieve your objectives.

Pricing and Plans

Choose the perfect plan for your needs

  1. Market share analysis
  1. Live market insights
  1. Competitor benchmarking
  1. Portfolio deep dive
  1. Market price sensitivity insight
  1. Report sharing
  1. Monthly market report
  1. Advisory hours
  1. Thought leadership webinars
  1. Delegate passes to QS Conferences
  1. Voting rights to Pulse Surveys
  1. Bespoke predictive insight
  1. Scenario modelling
  1. Access to Senior Leader Network
  1. Agent/Student bespoke survey





Intermediate Networks,
Analytics & Advisory



Advanced Networks,
Analytics & Advisory


The Founding Five

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