Vaccine passports for prospective international students: How do students feel?

vaccine passports for students

How open are prospective international students to using vaccine passports and what do they think about universities implementing vaccine requirements? Discover our latest survey findings below.  

The majority of prospective international students are willing to use a vaccine passport with our latest report revealing that 74% of respondents would consider getting a vaccine passport after they receive the vaccine. 

Our report, How international students are adapting their study plans amid vaccine rollouts and varying support, found that 51% of prospective international students are open to their chosen institution requiring a vaccine passport before they can travel to the destination. 

Conversely, 25% of respondents were unsure about implementing such a measure and 24% were against the proposal. 

This suggests that many prospective international students would consider using a vaccine passport after getting the vaccine, but fewer students are open to their institution demanding this restriction.  

Through our monthly coronavirus reports, we have found that vaccine hesitancy is low amongst prospective international students, with 68% stating that they would get the vaccine if it was offered to them. Only 9% said they would not and 23% were unsure.  

Of those who said they would not get the vaccine, 41% of respondents stated that they would get a vaccine if their university required them to have one to travel overseas. 

Our reporting has also found that prospective international students perceive the US as the country that has best handled the vaccine rollout with 17% picking the US out of a list of nations.  

This was followed by the UK with 11% of surveyed prospective international students highlighting its effectiveness in its vaccine rollout.  

Discover more findings from our report, How international students are adapting their study plans amid vaccine rollouts and varying support, by downloading your free copy now.  

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